Like many things in life, regular sex develops its own routine. The spontaneous, „freestyle”

sex of a new relationship soon settles into a more predictable pattern. You’ve got your „bread and butter” sex, your special-occasion repertoire

( for birthdays) and what you

do when you have time to luxuriate over sex (like on holiday). It’s a bit like food – mid-week you’ll have something quick and easy; on a Friday

 night you may go to a local restaurant; and on anniversaries you'll splash out.

            We are always complaining about and we would like variable sex. But we also would like comfort. However satisfactory sex is not about comfort. But what can we do

for our sexual life ? Here are some solutions.


Scoring a goal isn't the most important thing

            Orgasm doesn’t equal to sex but a lot of couples believe it. The men only seek to give satisfaction all demands of women. They only concentrate on the goal and forget the important details. So the sexual life becomes only a performance. It will be a monotonous factory. Don’t worry because there are solutions. When you are in bed don’t think of the orgasm just begin to give a massage to your partner’s feet.


More sex than partner

             Variety is good. Often the man wants more inventive sex than the woman – maybe involving trying anal sex, more oral sex or dressing up. If this is you, try focusing on the company rather than the menu. If you constantly have different expectations and one of you is adamant that the other should always perform a certain activity, this suggests it’s the sexual act that’s special, rather than the person.

 Women are often keen to perform certain special acts, just not all the time. They don’t want to have anal sex every week, but they are happy to do it occasionally, which is fine.


The time of masturbation:

            Couples can sometimes get into a pattern of foreplay that’s based solely on mutual masturbation.

If this is you try reducing the time between sexual „courses”. The problem with couples who become dependant on mutual masturbation is that when they move  on to intercourse, the man is usually more

aroused than the woman, which means he may climax very quickly.           


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