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1. general aim:

Form a suitable image on the Pro-Image project that will be pleasure and suitable image for this century.

We would like to bring the personality and expectation into harmony.

2. special aim:

A model requires a special mage.An aspiring model should be at least 175cm tall with clear skin, healthy hair, straight teeth and a toned and well proportioned body. At the same time, a model has to have the following things: ambition, intelligence, confidence, independence, discipline and stamina.    


In our everyday contacts the non-words communications (clothing, body-language, make up etc.) makes the 70-80% of the communication, so the words nowdays are only messages.

How can you become successful?

NBC Pro-Image helps you to make a new image in harmony with your personal endowments. It is a course fixed to your personality. It is a training, where the expert people takes your closer to the success and popularity.

 At the educational institutions the teaching aids and systems are focused on mainly the intellectual instructions and the creative process is pushed into the background although it is very important to try our own fantasy. It belongs to the healthy personality.

 If children can't get the required skills and appreciations at school they won't be able to be successful in the life. Success means self-knowledge and harmony between the reality and my own world inside.


We`re ready for the Visual Century


Self-knowledge  I Appearance

1. Body and physical fitness

2. Hair and hair-do

3. Face and make-up


Self-knowledge II


1. Differences between man

and woman

2. Types and features


4. Human games



1. Criteriums

2. Model work

and model types

3. Aids

4. Fashion and       trends

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