Timea's beauty cure: 1.Two spoons honey a day dissolved in a glass of lemon juice.

2. She uses honey mask onher face once a week.

3.Timi uses a special mixture (honey and yolk) in her hair once a month.

Honey in shape of little bear is a good fun. It is the most popular honey box in the world.

"This little yellow poo is the most important thing in Timi's handbag. "It's my favourite figure because brings good luck and he adores honey."



'Honey Baby'. This is the way Timi is called by her friends. Its reason is her love with honey. "I'm the sweet girl who uses honey in her tea and on her skin too. It's useful at my 'beauty project'.

"It can be very effective because Timi's skin is beautiful. "Perfect skin is one of the most important advantage in front of the camera. I'm not enough tall to be a high-fashion model, but I often display lingeries for fashion magazines where the perfect skin is a key of success.

My other field is presentation of various kinds of beauty products like Palmolive. Last month there was a casting at the company and there were a lot of fashion model with a nice face, but their skin weren't perfect. So this casting was mine."

NBC Beauty Channel was invited to Honey Baby's home and we weren't surprised her honey-coloured furniture. She showed her bed too that was covered little poo figures and other bears.  Meanwhile she was serving the tea she was talking about her future.


"Next month I'll go to Malaysia. A Malaysian modeling agency invited me for a month. Of course it doesn't mean I would be cover girl everywhere there. It's a chance to take part at the Malaysian castings and hopefully in many fashion or bikini shootings. It will be a great adventure and hard work at the same time."


Here is your time to be a famous and successful fashion model. Be the NBC Model's Sweet Girl now!

Sweet Girls

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